Each pet is different, so why should they have the same vacation? At TLC Pet Lodge, we offer an activity-based experience because we have found interaction with people during a pet's stay alleviates depression and stress. This means your pet will be happier and healthier. If you don't see something your pet enjoys, please ask! We want to make your furry friend's vacation the best possible.

Dog Activities & Upgrades

People Time* $7.95/session
Business Walk (extra potty walk) $4.95/walk
Raised Bed $2.95/day
Orthopedic Bedding $4.95/day
Stretch/Mobility Break $4.95/session
Non-Slip Flooring $9.95/day

*15 minutes one-on-one with a staff member tailored to your pet (play, cuddle, belly rubs, etc.)

Cat Activities & Upgrades

Laser Tag - 15 minutes of a cat's favorite the laser light $7.95/session
Lap Time - Cuddles and pets from a staff member $4.95/session