We offer several options for overnight boarding accommodations for dogs and cats. Our newly remodeled facilities are designed to create a calming environment with your pet's comfort in mind. We specialize in human-dog interaction provided by loving, highly educated, certified, and experienced staff. We welcome guests from Lake and Geauga counties as well as all throughout the greater Cleveland OH area.

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Dog Enrichment Lodging

Dog Retreat Lodging $50/night per dog. Our retreat lodging includes a room-type enclosure in our low stress building, 4 potty breaks per day, and a hammock-style raised bed as well as a daily interactive enrichment activity. These enclosures were built with the Fear Free Pets® environment as our guide, for shy, less dog social dogs, and largest available indoor accommodations in the area at 8’x8’!

Dog Standard Lodging $35/night per dog. Our standard lodging includes a run-type enclosure in our high energy building, 3 potty breaks per day, and a blanket as well as a daily interactive enrichment activity. These enclosures are for social dogs who love to be the life of the party.

Cat Lodging

All kitty accommodations are on their own floor separate from the dogs. Add-on activities are available for either option.

Kitty Suite $25/night per cat. A 2-level, 6-room enclosure that gives active cats room to spread their

Kitty Condo $20/day per cat. A 1 room enclosure with a sleeping ledge for older or less active cats that can't or don't want to jump from level to level.

What to Expect

  • Minimum of 3 potty breaks per day for dogs
  • Room service twice per day (feeding)
  • Medications administered (please make sure they are in their original container and are properly labeled)
  • Pedigree Dry and Frozen Bil Jac (dogs) or Cat Chow Indoor (cats) foods included (or yours from home packaged in individual meals)
  • Air-conditioned and humidity-controlled
  • Specialized ventilation system that circulates fresh air every ten minutes
  • Music throughout
  • Emergency veterinary care less than 5 minutes away
  • 24-hour monitoring for security as well as temperature stability